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APJ Inspired by vision 2020 mission of our beloved former president of India Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam, The School of Leadership is focused in building future leaders. At present India has five hundred and forty million youth under the age of 25 which will continuously be growing till the year 2050. In the coming decades, India needs large number of talented youth with higher education for the task of knowledge acquisition, knowledge imparting, knowledge creation and knowledge sharing.

The youth power is indeed a great power; particularly the ignited mind of the youth is the most powerful resource on the earth, above the earth and under the earth. This presents an opportunity to develop a "Global Human Resource Cadre" which will be an essential resource not only for India but for many countries in the world.

Between now to 2050, two important events will be taking place in our country, India would have become a developed nation by 2020 through an integrated development plan and India would also have realized Energy independence by 2030. During this period, the youth population which accounts for 54% of the total population of the country will be continuously growing till 2050, which will be unique to India.

Our country is blessed with natural resources, has shown considerable progress in the last 60 years, and above all we have hard working people particularly the power of 540 million youth of the country.

We as parents, teachers and coaches need to help each child to mould his or her future so that they are successful leaders in businesses, organisations and society. To create leadership at ever level, leadership training should start right at school level.

TSL is committed in conducting leadership development programs at every level and enhance their leadership capabilities.

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