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LCA 360°

Leadership Competency Assessment

If you want to accurately determine your position

within the organization, 360-degree feedback is the solution.


What we Learn


Multi-rater or 360° feedback is a critical component of most talent development programs. Research on 360° feedback suggests some “Best Practices” that when followed maximize the use of the feedback for future behavior change.

LCA 360° multi-rater feedback involves direct reports, peers, team members, and bosses provide anonymous feedback to managers for coaching, development and performance evaluation. This difference of perspectives becomes especially important in today's organizational context where flatter structures require communication and teamwork across traditional boundaries.

Think in GPS terms: in order to find your exact position on earth, you will need to simultaneously access the signals from 4 satellites! A 360° all-round view is key to knowing where you really stand.


Continual Learning:

TSL offers continual learning process by hand-holding the participants through interactive electronic communication, which enables sustained learning.

TSL's programs offer regular updates on the new leadership trends & support with e-content to the

participants who subscribe.


Additional Coaching:

If individuals wish to avail the benefits of our ‘Executive Coaching’ packages after completing the program, please call our Relationship Management Team to organize the best package. This offer is available exclusively to program participants, who can select from a panel of coaches and book sessions as required.


Key Focus Areas of the program:

Some of the benefits of receiving 360-degree feedback from others are:

  • Increased self-awareness, by understanding how your behavior is perceived by others, and comparing this perception with your own self-assessment of your own work behavior.
  • To identify and build upon the strengths that you are currently exhibiting.
  • To identify priority areas where you might change your behavior in order to improve your work performance and organizational effectiveness.
  • More focused learning and development activities, and increased individual ownership for self-development.
  • Coaching arrangements for leadership team members

Designed For

For senior and mid-management team members.

Candidate should have spent a minimum of 2 years in the same same organisation, preferably in the same position.

Who are involved?

Feedback involves self Vs direct reports, peers, team members and boss.

Senior Leaders who report to CEO / MD or functional heads who report to HODs.
He/She must be in the company for more than one year, and has high interaction with different stakeholders.


Each stakeholder gets an electronic link which allows them to interact through a user friendly questionnaire. These random questions are computed under various competencies and are provide with a graphical representation of competencies comparing with self vs others. A detailed report is provided to the individual who is taking the test. The interpretation of behavior vs competency are self-explanatory so that the individual can comprehend and prepare action plans.

Who should be used as 360° Raters?

Only individuals who have worked with (or know) the Appraisee sufficiently long (six months minimum) should be considered as Raters. The amount of contact potential Raters had with the Appraisee over this period, and their understanding of the nature of what he/she does, should also be considered. Another consideration is that Raters will need to be credible to the Appraisee for the latter to accept their feedback.

Why is the anonymity of 360° Raters so important?

It is important that the anonymity and confidentiality of 360° Raters be guaranteed to ensure that they cannot be identified by the Appraisee. Without this assurance, Raters may either not respond, or they may fudge their responses to avoid potential friction. LCA 360° multi-rater feedback ensures the sensitivity of each individual is protected and provides access only to authorized person involved in the process.



To be conducted 2 to 3 weeks before the program.  

Online link will be provided.

“I have the privilege of studying and being associated with some of the best known business schools in the world like Cambridge, Insead - Franc, in the area of leadership and group communication. TSL is a match to some of the most known training schools.”

-Satya Kiran, Professor - International Management

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