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Behavioral Observation is a widely used method of behavioral assessment. Unlike other methods of behavioral assessment, most of which rely on people's perception, BOOM (Behavioral

Observation based on Organic Methodology) Assessment Center involves watching and recording behaviors of a person in a typical simulated environment.

What we Learn

BOOM Assessment Center is a means of gathering relevant behavioral information under standardized conditions. In essence, BOOM assessment center puts candidates through a series of group and individual exercises designed to simulate the conditions of a given behavior that determines if they have the skills and abilities necessary to perform a given task in the most efficient manner.

The unique feature of BOOM assessment is that it is completely activity-abased assessment, and because of which the scope for error relating to non-understanding of language or checking for the right answers are eliminated. These activities help assesses to demonstrate behaviors in a natural and non-threatened manner.

Key Focus Areas of the program:

  • BOOM Assessment measure job-related behaviors rather than other characteristics that are not directly related to effective job performance.
  • BOOM measures a broader range of behaviors related to an individual’s abilities unlike traditional methods, such as writtentests or interviews which are skilled based.
  • BOOM Assessment parameters are standardized because testing conditions are similar for all candidates. This standardization insures that no candidate receives better or worse treatment than another.
  • BOOM Assessment is fair regardless of age, gender or race. Unlike some testing programs, which relay on assessor's perception based on comparative scores in the group.

Designed For

• Both the private and the public sectors.
• For succession planning for critical positions.
• For career development, promotion, transfers or recruitment.
• Identifying high potential managers.
• Allocation of challenging assignments.


It spans between one to two days. It is held at employer premises, or at TSL training facility


“Really wonderful way of understanding the theories, and
doing activities practically was different & interesting.
Really helped a lot. Thanks for the format & presentation.”

Hashim - Manager - Daimler

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