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Team Building & Outbound Training Program

 (Peak team performance)

Outbound Training Program is a team intervention that instills a sense of team spirit and self-belief in each individual. The program focuses on transforming an individual to be a team player with positive attitude, self-motivation and building in self-esteem. TSL team building programs and simulations are custom designed for each company.

What we Learn

outbound training program
outbound training program

TSL Team Building & Outbound Training Program is based on Experiential Active Learning Methodology (EALM). During this program participants more readily understand what they are learning and thus retain the knowledge to a greater degree, than when merely having information presented to them by another. The hands-on nature of experiential learning is highly motivating and long lasting.

During the entire program, participant's subconscious mind get trained while their conscious mind is entertained.



Key Focus Areas of the program:

Methodology Followed:

TSL Team Building & Outbound Training Programs are based on David Kolb’s Learning Style Inventory, which focus on the process whereby knowledge is created through the transformation of experience.

Outbound Experiential Learning provides a holistic model of the learning process and a multilinear model of adult development, both of which are consistent with what we know about how people learn, grow, and develop.

It is because of our hereditary equipment, our particular past life experiences, and the demands of our present environment, we develop a preferred way to choose. We resolve the conflict between concrete or abstract and between active or reflective in some patterned, characteristic ways. We call these patterned ways “learning styles.”

 During TSL Outbound Training each dimension of the learning process presents with a choice.TSL designs each program whereby knowledge is created through the transformation of experience.

Designed For

. Two days residential for positive transformational change or for diverse teams integration
. One-day overnight stay program with fire walk for performance enhancement
. One-day program for refreshing the learning outcome.
. Customized program are also conducted to simulate established models on outbound format to bring out specific learning outcomes.


It can be one or two days program depending upon the learning outcome expected.

"A very good workshop for the word excellence. Learnt a lot of lessons which can be adopted in real life then excellence will become a habit of our life".

Deepa – PES Dept - Wipro Technologies

“TSL did a great job understanding our requirements and designed a program that can meet organization objectives through experiential learning”

Preetam Shanbagh - Director FP&A, Honeywell

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